“Forests, Communities, and Fire” is a weekly radio show on KQBM Blue Mountain Radio hosted by Sierra Fellows Mary Sketch and Robert Zellers along with Board President of Calaveras Healthy Impact Product Solutions (CHIPS). The show is based on live and field interviews with experts on the community and the landscapes of the Sierras.

This show explores what it means to be stewards of the land in the Sierra, from 10,000 years of Miwuk stewardship to responses to the recent Butte Fire. Potential interviewees include scientists like Malcolm North (who did 10,000 years of carbon dating to discover what the forests looked like prior to human habitation), tribal elders, fire officials, people involved in formulating government policies, local contractors involved in fire restoration, mental health and social service agencies dealing with the human toll of the Butte Fire, watershed experts and downstream users, and local activists involved in restoration activities.The show discusses the possibility of establishing a restoration and stewardship-based forest economy to replace 200 years of greed-based resource extraction and presents the triple-bottom-line theory, which attempts to reconcile environmental, economic, and social justice concerns.

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